The Complete Web Development Bootcamp

Become a full-stack web developer with just one course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB and more!


PHP for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.

react js

Dive in and learn React.js from scratch! Learn Reactjs, Hooks, Redux, React Routing, Animations, Next.js and way more!


MERN Stack Front To Back

Build and deploy a social network with Node.js, Express, React, Redux & MongoDB.

Become a Master in Laravel

Learn to master Laravel to make advanced applications like the real CMS app we build on this course

become a master in angular

Master Angular 10 (formerly “Angular 2”) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of Angular.js

become a wordpress developer

build an ecommerce store with wordpress & woocommerce learn how to building a professional looking ecommerce store in no time at all.

What you'll learn

  • Be able to build ANY website you want.
  • Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.
  • Master backend development with Node
  • Learn the latest frameworks and technologies, including Javascript ES6, Bootstrap 4, MongoDB.
  • Craft a portfolio of websites to apply for junior developer jobs.
  • Work as a freelance web developer.
  • Master frontend development with React
  • Learn professional developer best practices.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Download the Course Syllabus
  • What is Flutter?
  • Why Flutter?D
  • The Anatomy of a Flutter App
  • How to Watch the Course in High Definition
  • How to Get the Most Out of the Course
  • Join the Student Community

  • Prerequisites for Flutter Development
  • Overview of the Process
  • Windows Setup Step 1 - Install the Flutter SDK
  • Windows Setup Step 2 - Install Android Studio
  • Windows Setup Step 3 - Install the Android Emulator
  • Windows Installation Troubleshooting

  • Creating a New Flutter Project from Scratch
  • A quick note about Hot Reload
  • Scaffolding a Flutter App
  • Working with Assets in Flutter & the Pubspec file
  • How to Add App Icons to the iOS and Android Apps
  • How to Ace this Course

  • Deploying Your Flutter Apps to a Physical Device
  • Deploying Flutter Apps to an Android Phone
  • Deploying Flutter Apps to iPhones/iPads
  • Tip from Fash - Habit Building with the Calendar Trick
  • Feedback Time!

  • What are App Challenges?
  • The I Am Poor Challenge
  • Show Off Your Work!
  • Tip from Fash - Dealing with Distractions
  • Do You Want This?
  • Feedback Time!

  • MiCard - A Single Screen Personal Business Card App
  • Hot Reload and Hot Restart - Flutter Power Tools
  • How to Use Container Widgets
  • How to use Column & Row Widgets for Layout
  • Flutter Layouts Challenge
  • Tapping into Widget Properties
  • Incorporating Custom Fonts in Your Flutter App
  • Flutter Card & ListTile Widgets
  • Download the Completed Project
  • Tip from Fash - Nothing Easy is Worth Doing!
  • Feedback Time!

  • Dicee - A Stateful Dice App
  • Using the Expanded Widget to Create Flexible Layouts
  • How to Use Intention Actions
  • How to use Column & Row Widgets for Layout
  • Adding Gesture Detection with Flutter Button Widges
  • [Dart] Functions - Part 1
  • Making the Dice Image Change Reactively
  • [Dart] Variables
  • [Dart] Data Types
  • Stateful vs. Stateless Widgets - What's the Difference?
  • Randomising the Dice
  • Randomising the Dice
  • Challenge 1 Solution
  • Challenge 2 Solution
  • Challenge 3 Solution
  • Download the Completed Project
  • Tip from Fash - How to Deal with Procrastination
  • Feedback Time!

  • Magic 8 Ball - A Decision Making App
  • Step 1 - Set Up The Project
  • Step 2 - Create a Stateless Widget
  • Step 3 - Create a Stateful Widget
  • Step 4 - Make it Interactive
  • Step 5 - Randomise it
  • Step 6 - Update the State
  • Customise It!
  • Tip from Fash - Building a Programming Habit
  • Feedback Time!

  • Xylophone - A Simple Musical Instrument App
  • What are Flutter & Dart Packages?
  • How to Play Sound Across Platforms
  • How to Play Multiple Sounds
  • [Dart] Functions - Part 2
  • Updating the UI of Our App
  • [Dart] Functions - Part 3
  • [Dart] Functions Challenge
  • Refactoring Our App
  • [Dart] Arrow Functions
  • Customise It!
  • Download the Completed Project
  • Tip from Fash - The 20 Minute Method
  • Feed Back

  • Quizzler - A True/False Quiz App
  • Building a Score Keeper
  • Building a Score Keeper
  • [Dart] Lists
  • Displaying the Questions
  • Checking User Answers
  • [Dart] Conditionals - IF/ELSE
  • More Dart Programming Challenges
  • Creating a Question Class
  • [Dart] Classes and Objects
  • Abstraction in Action
  • Encapsulation in Action
  • Inheritance in Action
  • Polymorphism in Action
  • Adding Back the Score Keeper
  • Code Challenge
  • [Dart] Class Constructors
  • Download the Completed Project
  • Tip from Fash - Learning Before you Eat
  • Feedback Time!


  • No programming experience needed - I'll teach you everything you need to know
  • No paid software required - all websites will be created with Atom (which is free)
  • I'll walk you through, step-by-step how to get all the software installed and set up
  • All software we'll be using is free to download and install.