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Try updating the app to see if that fixes your problem. The Windows Store app troubleshooter is a built-in utility that solves issues revolving around UWP apps. It is the go-to option whenever a UWP app becomes inaccessible or crashes randomly. Repairing the app is a textbook trick that is often recommended to troubleshoot any minor issue. We recommend trying this to fix the Mail and Calendar app as well. Windows will take a few seconds to repair the app. Once the process is complete, launch the Mail and Calendar, and check if you are still facing the problem.

A corrupt Microsoft Store cache is another cause of a malfunctioning Mail and Calendar app. As such, try clearing the Microsoft Store cache data and see if it fixes the issue. Command Prompt will take a few seconds to execute the command. After that, the Microsoft Store will open automatically. Windows Defender Firewall is a built-in Windows tool that makes sure that your system is free from viruses and malware. But at the same time, if Mail and Calendar is blocked under the Firewall settings, you will fail to access the app.

You’ll have to allow Mail and Calendar through the Firewall to fix the problem. The third-party antivirus program can also cause the issue. Try to disable it and check if you can access the Mail and Calendar app. Re-registering the Mail and Calendar app is another solution you can try in this situation.

This method solves issues that lead to inaccessibility and sudden application crashes. The problem can occur due to corrupt system files as well. DISM scans the system for inconsistencies that may result from application failure. Could your workplace do with developing its digital skills?

With funded membership opportunities currently available, now is the perfect time for organisations to join our Digital Champions Network. Copyright Digital Unite. Our clients News and views Guides Get in touch. How to set up email and calendars in Windows Mail and Calendar will automatically input all the information from your Microsoft account, but you can also include details from other accounts, such as Google and Yahoo.

Type in your email address and password and it will be included in your Calendar information. Type in your log in details and it will now be included in your Mail. Note that you do not have to update account information separately for Mail and Calendar. See how quick it is to set up your calendar: How to start using Mail and Calendar You can switch between Mail and Calendar by clicking on the envelope and calendar icons at the bottom left of the window.

Any emails you receive will be displayed in the Inbox. To input an appointment in calendar, use the options at the top of the screen to take you to the date you want and then click on the box for that date. Next steps. How to edit and personalise settings in Windows How to use and download apps in Windows Getting started with Windows What’s new in Windows 10?

What are the main differences between Windows 8 and Windows 10? How to sign in to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account.



How to Uninstall Mail and Calendar Apps in Windows 10 – MajorGeeks


Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. All of your syncing calendar accounts are now represented as icons on the left. You anv try the preview by going to the Calendar app and selecting the toggle to try the new experience.

We are excited to hear what you think of the new experience. Learn more about the Calendar preview here! Do you ever open the clock and calendar flyout to help organize your thoughts while making plans? Pick your desired date and start typing.

Calendad us know if you have any feedback. With mail and calendar windows 10 update, dark mode now works when composing a new message, updating a calendar item, or reading your email. This helps provide a calmer reading experience for people that work in a low-light environment or just prefer screens that are less bright, and helps to reduce eye strain.

To turn on dark mode, go to Settings, select Personalizationand choose Dark mode. For those who already have dark mode turned on, you’ll see it expand to cover your email reading compose experiences after receiving the update.

If you prefer to view a particular email in mail and calendar windows 10 mode, look for the sunshine icon in mail and calendar windows 10 command bar to view the email with a white background. This can help if a particular email is not formatted well for dark mode. We’re also introducing the top customer requested feature, default font. Now you can customize how new messages will look.

If you create a new mail or wundows to an existing mail, the text you type will be in the font face, size, color, and emphasis you have selected. To change your default font, go into Settings and select Default font. Default font applies per-account and does not sync to other devices. This update is rolling out to both Windows Insiders and retail users as we speak.

Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table mail and calendar windows 10 contents. In this article.


What to Do if the Mail and Calendar App Won’t Open in Windows 11


Any emails you receive will be displayed in the Inbox. To input an appointment in calendar, use the options at the top of the screen to take you to the date you want and then click on the box for that date.

Next steps. How to edit and personalise settings in Windows How to use and download apps in Windows Getting started with Windows What’s new in Windows 10? What are the main differences between Windows 8 and Windows 10? How to sign in to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account. How to browse the web in Windows Microsoft Edge basics. An introduction to using Cortana in Windows Search Guides Search.

Remote Digital Championing! Find out more. Most read guides. What is Android? What is a computer? What is a PC? See more guides ». You can follow him over on Twitter at RichEdmonds. Windows Central Windows Central. Rich Edmonds. More about office Topics Microsoft Outlook. See all comments Since when do you need an office sub for Outlook? Exactly , office is not needed for outlook.

Outlook comes packaged with Office subscription, but you can buy Outlook version separately. Exactly or buy the office suite without a subscription. Do not mind the writer. The Mail app can flag messages for follow-up, but it’s just decidedly more basic. With Outlook, you can set a follow-up time frame and receive a reminder later. Flagged email also shows up in your Outlook tasks. Also, when you mark the flag as complete, Outlook retains the status so you know you’ve taken action on the email.

The Mail app, on the other hand provided only a simple toggle. There’s no reminder and no check mark when it’s complete. I do wish Microsoft would provide UWP versions of their core Office apps, including Outlook, that are more touch friendly and feature rich than the current batch of mobile apps. Should be an option in the future for flagged items to go into Cortana as a reminder. A lot of people use flagging to send emails to the top of their inbox to keep them there and making them go into Cortana would be a lot of clutter for them.

True, but flagging requires you to go into the mail app periodically to check on them. Cortana could keep bugging you, until you actually mark them as complete. Or tasks could finally be added to the calendar app, these would sync to Mobile too I meant the emails when I used the word “them.

The most wasted features in Enterprise that would make everyone’s life easier is the due to the lack of knowledge and subset of features. This allows me to visually see what emails I’ve missed or scrolled through – Reminders e-mails or tasks with deadlines? Add a reminder for when to bring it up again. Sometimes I use reminders to ping people who are out of vacation and need to follow up on their return – Search Folders See only emails that have been flagged, or unread – Quick Actions I have set my inbox to not mark anything as read unless i choose too.

Rules are another function that most people don’t like using becasue setting them up are cumbersome. Personally i prefer to use rules on emails that are automated. They tend to have a specific subject line or subject format, and an email they come from. This way if you want to sort it into specific folders, flag, mark as complete or delete – allowing me to focus and sift through unclaimed or unknown emails this system can’t be applied.

I really can’t see my self using any other email client professionally. Personal use – is another story since I don’t have such a time sensitive need and most of the time I spend is deleting emails I find little interest in or reviewing transactions. I actually would love for companies to approach e-mail differently. If i have these contacts on my address book – they should never go to spam, the client should mark them as VIP from the start in comparison to other emails.

If I Starred it, then it would possibly make that email more visible and give it a positive cost. I use most of those features all week I am not sure I could live with out them, I use them so much! True, they dont say much about these featues but, one you know how to use them, OUtlook client is the ONLY option, it really is that much better.

The article calls Outlook an email client, but it actually is a groupware client – for Exchange. That’s why it offers so much more functionality compared to the very basic mail app, when you are really trying to work with it.

You need to connect to the right service of course. It is also working with online services that make use the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Names are a bit confusing – like Outlook the original Office desktop application , Outlook Mail and Calendar as the apps from the article are called on Mobile and Outlook. Btw: Outlook the Office application is very usable on the touch screen of my SP3. Outlook can be used as you said in a groupware or corporate but, it can be used for almost any user with any type of email.

It is a VERY powerfull client that can be trimmed down to be nice and easy. Yes, that’s basically what I wrote and what is not mentioned in the article. Just take care that features are limited with the wrong protocol, e.

Outloom is usable but I think I prefer mail when I am in tablet mode. Been using since Outlook 98 when I ditched Outlook Express. Live Mail in Windows 7 days was the best free mail client and MS scrapped it in favor of the new Windows 8 mail client, but that didn’t help people still on Windows 7.

Outlook could use a better Live tile, and an official tile just for the calendar. What do you mean, better live tile? It’s not live now. Having a separate calendar that isn’t live either doesn’t seem useful. They are just app icons on a tile.

I like that they are separate apps. At work I am often clicking between mail and calendar to see when I am available or when something is. I find this annoying. When at home I can just have them open side by side. You can open your Outlook calendar in a new window. Some people just don’t know these shortcuts :. I sync all my accounts with my O account on outlook. Any spam or junk filters are managed from here also. I simply use the Mail app to process messages from any device.

I have no issue with the Mail and Calendar apps being separate. I treat them as separate things anyway. It’s only when I get an invite via email that I need to combine the two The only thing I wish Microsoft would change is to reduce the intervals between syncing mail accounts.

I personally prefer Outlook, but Windows Mail does the job in case you can’t afford to chip that extra cash for Office subscription. Windows Live Mail was discontinued in If you’re talking about Mail app on Windows 10 then yeah.

Professionally I love the folder management in Office Outlook moving in mail can be a pain and the category tags. Too bad tasks aren’t supported on Mobile anymore. I was under the impression that it outlook does not have two way sync for gmail calendar and contacts. Which is a big problem for me. Is this accurate? If so is there a work around? Otherwise I would explicitly use Outlook for all my email too. With a Google Apps account there is the Google Sync application that works well for me.

There is no equivalent for the free Gmail service. That said, there appears to be a new plugin for Outlook that enables 2-way sync of calendar events and contacts.

I haven’t tried it, so caveat emptor. I do not use google, except for a junk email address. Our campus is Office What about the online web version of Outlook. Bot Windows Mail and Outlook are only apps to access emails. Those apps require that you have gotten an email addresses from an email provider such as Outlook. Nope, both Mail and Outlook support email accounts from other providers. Not only that but both will sync mail from Exchange as well.

Actually, Outlook. Things that worked perfectly are now in shambles. The website is all I use because of many emails that won’t display properly in the Mail program and also it doesn’t delete emails of the server when deleted from Mail either. Interesting the author calls it windows mail. I call outlook it oulook mail and calendar windows store app. Because the app is essentially the same as outlook mail for windows 10 mobile.

Outlook mail in this article is really the outlook mail desktop app. I think the app should be called outlook mail UWP or Outlook basic. I think the apps are more than adequate than for daily use or use multiple times a day.

For personal bit also business use. I think that if three features could be carried over from the desktop to the windows store app it would be a great compromise between business and personal use.

To be able to drag and drop an email as a calendar event. This has in my experience ben a powerful feature with outlook throughout its history 2. Be able to add rules to incoming email. This would help prioritize and order email into manageable folders. The system chosen now for the user is to read all incoming mail in the list and swipe manage them one by one. But this does not work well in the long run in my experience.

Be able to personalize colors and highlighting of calender events from multiple accounts in one calendar. A color palette is now automatically designated, but this causes an awful patchwork of font colors and highlighting and loss of oversight, essentially becoming dysfunctional.

In my experience the syncing is generally okay and works quite well with the same account on multiple windows mobile devices. There are some glitches sometimes with syncing, bit it usually is more with syncing folders than syncing sent messages or my inbox. Main issue than syncing of folders is a bit slow, not that it does not work in my experience.

Coming from outlook mail windows store app from windows 8 this app is much better in many ways. Especially the calendar has changed alot. But even this accompli version could use many improvements.

I think in the UI design is not good. Texts on the calendar could use improved wrapping with little to no text cut offs. And the earlier mention lack of personalization is sorely missing. Contact groups is something I miss too. But this is bigger problem that is not limited this app, but has a more fundamental problem lying with the people app and lack of consistency and performance within the people app and across software for different windows devices.

We are likely getting a new people feature as part of the desktop experience on the taskbar, but I think this does not adress the fundamental problem with the people app. Real constructive, go find your bridge. I would prefer using desktop Outlook if I used it as it probably doesn’t have rendering problems with some emails like YouTube comment notification emails still unlike the Mail and Calendar apps. Until recently I found W10 Mail too buggy to be usable. That seems better now, and I really like the look of the app, but it has idiosyncracies which still rule it out for me, particularly its insistence on using its own folders for sent and deleted mail, which apart from anything else can mess up threaded conversations if you’re using it with another client on another machine.

I abandoned Office including Outlook a long time ago. It’s not so much the ribbon, but other features of the UI they messed up style handing in Word and removed a proper full screen editing view. All the main alternatives demand different types of compromise. Mailbird has a great UI but lacks professional features, including proper calendar integration.

I guess one day I’ll find the perfect solution. I’m using the mail app on windows 10 every day and it works great on both pc and mobile. It’s ok that Outook is much better than the Mail App. But why is even the browser version so much better? I still mostly use the Mail App. It’s ok for me but I hope they add features. Even when my settings were set to notify me as emails arrive, my inboxes wouldn’t update. I would either manually update my inboxes or it would update my inbox minutes after the email was in my inbox.

Been using Outlook ever since. When I did have a surface device and used Mail, this right here, was the biggest and most frustrating part of using Mail. To say the program even synced mail was an understatement. My iphone would chime with a new mail and even though the program was set for immediate notification of mail, it never happened. Secondly, once I deleted or moved an item, without fail everytime, I had to manually sync the program for the changes to take effect. Multiple user voice submissions were in the feedback app, but honestly I do not think even now the problem is resolved.

I tried to migrate to outlook in hopes of getting my work Exchange and another account in that program and hopefully alleviate the sync issue, but to no avail could I ever get Outlook to setup my work Exchange account, even though Mail had no issues establishing the account. I just gave up and used online versions when on the surface. The syncing situation is still an issue.

Especially for deleting items. I also just use outlook. I try to use Windows mail, but after having used Outlook for so may years I always return to Outlook.

No Comparison. Does anyone else have an issue with attachments not showing up in the Windows Mail application? It seems to only happen when the email comes from mail.

I have to use outlook. I don’t have this issue when using the outlook mail application on my work Android phone. It seems to only effect Windows systems. As sad as it is, it kinda makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one with this problem. Mail app automatically sends “read receipts” when the sender requests. Outlook gives you the option to ignore such requests. In case you don’t want to sender to know you’ve read the mail.

That’s the only con that bothers me right now. Another con on the mail app is signatures. There’s no feature for adding html formatted signatures. I use Ditto to quickly paste my signature. HTML format, totally easy. I wish this article included a comparison with Outlook. It’s another option. One has to wonder, how Microsoft can afford to continue with two email-clients.

One from the Windows div, another from the Office div. So, please don’t tell me something about One Microsoft, the inter-division shooting continues. As far as I know they are all from the Office team.

Very happy with it wish I could remove Outlook from Office Is the year shorter where you live, or do you just take the last 9 days off? Where can we get this outlook? Just use Windows Live Mail. I don’t think you can download it any more. I wish Microsoft still supported Live Mail, I thought it was the best as far as free mail client.

I tried using the free mail and calendar app and it was too light weight, not giving me the options needed. Most important the ability to create folders using a pop mail account.

Right know I have chosen to use Outlook as the best option for what I need. The mobile apps are nice but what about the Surface Phone? Are we supposed to have both full Office and Office Mobile installed? What Surface Phone? MS does offer a store version of ‘full’ Office, primarily for those running Win 10 in S mode.

It is not however UWP, and that is not what the centennial bridge does for x86 apps. That is not a trivial undertaking as the OneNote team will tell you. They have ben working to achieve as much parity as they can, and have done a great job, IMHO. You may disagree, but not every function used by a handful of people, according to the telemetry, is going to make it.

I Imagine the telemetry says the current ‘mobile’ versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Mail, Calendar are adequate for those not needing or installing full Office.

My Surface Pro has O and the store apps as they are preinstalled , and I use them relatively interchangeably, depending on the level of capability I need.

On the fixed desktop, while both sets are installed, I tend to gravitate to the O apps. I don’t have much of an issue with the data updating across clients, whether PC’s, tablets iOS or phones. I don’t see it as a one or the other proposition. I’ve been using Outlook for years with my own Exchange Server Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t work with Exchange ’07 and I can’t install apps individually. I’m either stuck with using apps or upgrading and having to use Windows Mail.

Accept that Outook Requires Office subscription And office is renting sofware so it’s something to think about. Or you can just find a copy of Office , not the newest, close to and cheaper from websites as it’s the past version.

Personally at home, I use Outook to connect to my personal exchange server and I use Windows Mail for my hotmail account Office comes with 1tb of storage I look at it as ” also comes with free office” lol. I have access to both and I use the more basic Windows Mail, it is simpler and more than meets my needs at this time.

That said, I was having sync issues with my Outlook.

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