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Ford FORScan Car Diagnostics | Software & Driver Installations Support — OHP Store

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What is FORScan? Yes, because it is designed especially for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. So supports specific features of the manufacturer protocols, making the FORScan more powerful in work with these models than any regular OBD2 scanner. Main features Detect vehicle on-board network configuration Read and reset Diagnostic Trouble Codes from all modules see list of supported modules Reading of modules’ sensors’ data Run test diagnostic procedures Run service procedures Configuration and programming functions only in FORScan for Windows, require Extended License.

All Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles that can be addressed by supported adapters. Please check for availability of necessary function before purchasing anything. Other software that uses standard OBDII protocol usually work with these adapters, so people usually don’t understand the problem.

But “good” clones may have other problems for example, USB adapters cannot work faster than on bps, CAN bus errors etc. Almost all of modules availabe through supported protocols. Full list is here. Note: only x86 architecture is supported for Windows. ARM architecture is not supported!


Forscan download windows 10


What’s new in FORScan May 03, – Limited support in the period of May 01 – May 10 Due to nationwide holidays from May 01 to May 10 and partial unavailability of the development team, some requests to support may experience much greater than usual processing time up to several days instead of usual 24 hours.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Improved support for MY models. Other fixes and improvements. March 24, – Attention! Read more Note: we recommend to clear vehicles’ cache Vehicle section, Service button, “Clear cache” after installing this version. Optimization for high DPI monitors and graphics improvements.

December 05, – Resuming Extended License sales In addition to the mails sent by payment processor, now activation code is also emailed by the FORScan server. If you paid for the license but have not received an activation code, please contact our support. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please make sure you have allowed install from unknown sources in your Android device settings.

Please see release notes for details. June 22, – Blacklisted mail domains We have to create a black list of mail domains that block or refuse emails from FORScan mail server without any good reason. More information and list of blocked domains can be found in this thread. The build was checked for zero anti-virus false positive alerts. We have created a thread on our forum to inform users about status of this problem and solution to it.

January 3, – Web site update Frequently Asked Questions page is updated: added answers to typical questions sent to our support team. EL1 release is not supported anymore. This question seems to be very actual for many of FORScan users. This product was created specially for our project, FORScan team was directly involved in testing and refinement of the adapter.

Other improvements such as vehicle database update, new configuration parameters, new service functions, other fixes and improvements. Please note that build with new Extended License keys is now primary and has no EL2 suffix in the distributive name anymore. Version with old Extended License keys is available for compatibility purpose only and contains EL1 suffix in the distributive name. More information about old and new keys can be found here.

Added many configuration parameters for different modules of different models. Also, in this version we implemented new Extended License protection system to resolve problems experienced by some users. Old and new Extended License keys have identical functionality, but not fully compatible with each other. In order to provide smooth transaction, during a transition period we will deliver 2 releases of FORScan for Windows: one that works with old keys and one with EL2 suffix that works with new keys.

March 02, – Paid long term and lifelong Extended Licenses are now available Now everyone can purchase 1 year , 3 years , 5 years or lifelong Extended License on the Products page. So the main purpose of the 2. Please find details on the Download page. New functions, fixes, improvements. We have added ability to use email address as a forum login name previously only username had to be used for login.

Also, the forum password recovery page now allows to enter username OR email previously both fields were required. June 17, – Forum downtime because of the board upgrade We are going to upgrade the forum board software. Expected downtime for the forum and license key generator is – CEST. We are sorry for so significant delay with this delivery. This is a simple app that can be used to check vehicle on-board network configuration modules and read diagnostic trouble codes DTC.

Among other things, we recommend to use this free application to check base FORScan abilties and compatibility with adapter and vehicle. Unfortunately, iOS 6. So it was decided to release as soon as possible the new version that has these problems fixed. Also, this update contains some changes in license verification procedure.

This is one-time check. User manual is updated. Migration to new core 2. Also, user manual is updated. It is recommended to check Release notes. February 13, – FORScan version 2. January 7, – FORScan version 2. Added several service functions for Ford and Mazda. Fixes, improvements. December 16, – FORScan version 2. New languages, service and configuration functions, PATS programming. September 21, – FORScan version 2. Stability and performance improvements in Bluetooth communication procedure.

July 26, – FORScan version 2. Details are on the Download page. Migration to new core, some fixes and improvements. June 01, – FORScan version 2. Also, since this version special Wine-compliant build without Extended License support will be released.

April 25, – FORScan version 2. February 20, – FORScan version 2. January 13, – FORScan version 2. December 31, – FORScan version 2. December 27, – FORScan version 2. Added translations for Finnish, Romanian, Lithuanian. Migration to core 2. October 31, – FORScan version 2. Other new functions, fixes, improvements. September 16, – FORScan version 2. July 20, – FORScan version 2. Detail are on the Download page.

It is also recommended to read release notes. Support of new models, bugfix and improvements. May 09, – Changes in external licensing procedure Trial licenses are now issued in an automated mode, details are available here.

May 08, – FORScan version 2. Link to details. March 09, – FORScan version 2. Bugfix and improvements. February 11, – FORScan version 2. Support of new vehicle models and PIDs, freeze frame data for DTCs on vehicles from model year, bugfix and improvements in communication procedures and content.

January 5, – FORScan version 2. December 23, – FORScan version 2. November 20, – FORScan version 2. Documentation is available here. We also recommend to read release notes. October 27, – FORScan version 2. October 08, – FORScan version 2. October 07, – FORScan version 2. August 11, – FORScan version 2. July 7, – FORScan version 2. Link to details and discussion. May 1, – FORScan version 2. March 21, – FORScan version 2.

February 12, – FORScan version 2. January 25, – FORScan version 2. December 25, – FORScan version 2. December 1, – FORScan version 2.


FORScan Lite For PC Windows and MAC – Free Download – STEP1: Downlolad Forscan software

Note: If the Windows computer did not detect the device, please follow the manual installation process listed here. Secure transaction. See all reviews. FORscan vorscan a valuable program, it allows Mazda, ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners to diagnose computer related car issues and to diagnose other issues forscan download windows 10 throw error codes. Free shipping within the U. Shipping, delivery date, and order total including tax shown at checkout.


FORScan on PC : how to download on Windows 10 ?


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