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We usually make Barnsey play as Watford haha! David May 1 point. It also allows you to participate in any of the leagues taking place across 27 countries.


Download Championship Manager 01/02 for Windows


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Post by LP » Sat Jan 16, pm. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

We have provided installation instructions and FAQs for each of our downloads. Please take the time to read these then post in the relevant section if you have not found a solution for your issue. Re-insert it. By default, the game will be installed in your Program Files x86 directory.

Click ‘Next’. By default, a new one will be created called ‘Championship Manager ‘. This is no longer necessary in this day and age of technology. Click ‘Finish’. Downloading and Installing the Game v3. If these solutions have not helped you with your issue, please use this thread to report your issue and in order for us to help you, please be as detailed as possible!

Q: What are the specifications to run this game? A: You can download the game as a. Q: What is an. Converting this to an. A: Do not worry. DirectX is no longer a requirement for devices since the game was released in Q: My game asks me to ‘Insert CD’.

A: You will need to find the location where you have saved ‘cm A: Go into ‘This PC’, and right-click your disc drive or virtual drive if you are using the. Then right-click ‘Setup.

Then right-click on ‘Setup. This will tell you what other processes may be stopping ‘Setup. Close down these processes and try again. A: Your anti-virus could be blocking the executable from running. Temporarily turn it off and try again. A: Close down your browsers. A: Try right-clicking on ‘Setup. A: It could be that your Windows profile is playing up somehow. Try creating a new profile on your computer and running the installation in that profile.

If it works, then switch back to your normal profile and the game should already be installed for you. Q: How can I change the language of the game? If this doesn’t work, try a different compatibility mode. Then click ‘Advanced system settings’ and ‘Environment Variables’. Q: I have an error saying “16 bit graphics cannot run”? A: This means you are trying to start the game from your virtual drive or disc but the game has not actually been installed to your computer. Try running ‘cm If you cannot find this, go through the installation instructions again to install the game correctly.

A: If you have actually installed the game, then ‘cm This is where you should be running ‘cm Q: I have installed the game but when I start ‘cm Q: My shortcut for cm A: Check your Recycle Bin in case you accidentally deleted it. Copy and paste this back to your desktop or your preferred location for the shortcut.

A: If you are planning to use a database or patch, you should upgrade anyway to the SI Games Patch v3. Q: My game crashes when I use Manager Notes? A: This is a known bug from the 3. Unfortunately, it is only solvable if you upgrade to the SI Games Patch v3. Q: I’m buying a new computer, is it possible to transfer my save game? Then, install the game on your new computer, before then pasting the copied data on to your new computer. Q: The French league calendar has suddenly stopped working in my game?

A: This is unfortunately a bug that was present in both the original release of the game and also in the early version of the Tapani Patch. The only known solutions is to use the very latest saturn patch to resolve it.

Q: I get this error: “v3. A: This appears to be an issue with your version of the game. Try installing the SI Games Patch v3.

A: You are trying to install a database, which is only compatible with v3. Install the SI Games Patch v3. Thanks in advance for any help. You need to download the SI Games Patch, which is also advised in this technical support thread for installing a database: viewtopic.

Just install the SI Games Patch v3. I’ll add the error code to this thread too. Browse to the disk contents by going to the drive letter where the disk is either ISO or cd-rom. EXE, go to Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and choose Run this program in Windows XP service pack 2 mode and tick the box “Run this program as an administrator”.

Double click on setup. Go to the Details tab on the task manager and sort by name. If there are multiple ones running then kill them all. Click on setup. Run setup. Back in the task manager, Right click on setup. This will tell you what is preventing the install from running.

Find that process and kill it. In my case it was SetPoint. As soon as I killed it the install launched. I feel this is not the right place but i have been searching for hours to get it right and have got to the point where i need to make myself heard I apologise in advance for my stupidity. I have followed all instructions to the letter and watched the video countless times.

But to no avail.


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