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Creates a folder within the scene folder in which to store project-related resources. The name of the resource kit folder is defined by the user after the scene file is saved for the first time. If the scene file is saved to a new location, the related Project Resource Kit is not automatically relocated. Allows all Project Resource Kits to be saved to a common parent folder that can be defined as a shared network drive, if desired.

If the scene file is later saved to a new location, the related Project Resource Kit is not automatically relocated. Click the [Browse] button to display a Browse dialog and choose a project resource kit folder other than the default.

The actual location and status of the current Project Resource Kit related to the active 3ds Max scene file can be found on the Scene Settings rollout. When on, activates a Private Resource Kit. This option relates to the use of object definitions derived from the Civil View Object Libraries , and placed into a scene from the Object Placement Style Editor. Many Civil View vehicle and furniture object definitions are derived from a source.

Normally, these. If a material definition is detected in one of these source. When on, material pre-assignments found in source. When off the default , automatic and dynamic material assignments are made only to merged objects that do not already have a pre-assigned material. This causes pre-assigned materials to be retained in the scene: This can be useful for objects that have specific texturing and material requirements.

Import options are used by all Civil View Import Panels. Sets a threshold angle to determine whether to smooth adjacent faces. If the angle between face normals is less than or equal to the threshold, the faces are assigned to a common smoothing group.

If the angle between face normals is greater than the threshold, the faces are assigned to separate groups. An angle of 9 to 10 degrees seems to work well, and causes cambered roads to be assigned a smooth profile. If you want to avoid automatic face smoothing, set this value to 0. When on, causes all diagonal edges on imported corridor surfaces to be hidden.

This improves viewport performance in 3ds Max and more closely resembles the way in which corridor surfaces are shown in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Rendered output is unaffected.

The Preferences Panel is divided into several tabbed panels, as described in the following sections: General panel. Automatically start Civil View? When on, 3ds Max starts Civil View when you start 3ds Max itself. Show icons in Civil View Explorer Panel? When off, removes all icons from the Civil View Explorer panel.

This can be useful if you wish to maximize the area available for text labels in the hierarchical tree view of the visualization scene. Civil View Explorer panel is docked by default? Sets the location of the Civil View Explorer each time it is opened. When on, the panel is docked to the left side of the 3ds Max window.

When off, the panel floats above the main 3ds Max window. Features View, mark up, measure, print, and track changes in 2D and 3D files. Frequently asked questions. How can I view 2D and 3D files for free? What is DWG? What if I only need file-viewing access? Legal notices and trademarks. DWG technology environment The DWG technology environment contains the capability to mold, render, draw, annotate, and measure.

See legal disclosures. Company overview. Investor relations. Diversity and belonging. Autodesk Foundation. Contact us. Students and educators. Affiliate program. Autodesk Research. How to buy. View all products. Buying with Autodesk. Renewal options. Find a reseller. Sales and refunds. Choose your subscription plan. Pay as you go with Flex.

Product support. Manage your account. Download and install software. You can customize a Civil View Object Library. Detailed instructions on how to customize a library can be found under each object library category topic. These are the general rules to follow:.

Objects are defined by INI files, which vary in content between different object categories. Make sure you fully understand the structure of an object INI file before you edit its contents manually. In general, this means that an object should have the appropriate material channel ID assigned every face. This is how Civil View decides which sub-material to apply to different parts of the same object. Civil View applies a material to the object when you place it into the current scene.

Civil View loads various settings into every scene, including material definitions that should not be stored in object library. In addition to object categories, you can split each set of object definitions within a single category into sub-groups. For example, vehicles might be organized into cars, trucks, buses, and trains.

Signs might be organized into advisory signs, mandatory signs, and road-marking symbols.


Autodesk civil view for 3ds max 2017 free

Download a free day trial of Civil 3D engineering design software with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation. Create realistic 3D designs with powerful modeling tools. Whether you’re building expansive worlds for games or visualizing intricate architectural designs, 3ds. The Civil View Object Library forms the basis for the contents of the Object Placement Style Editor. This panel puts objects from the Placed.


Autodesk civil view for 3ds max 2017 free


For example, vehicles might be organized into cars, trucks, buses, and trains. Signs might be organized into advisory signs, mandatory signs, and road-marking symbols. Additionally, with Object Placement Styles it is possible to define a style element that places a group of objects in a scene with a single instruction, rather than having to select one object definition at a time.

In this case, individual objects within the selected group are randomly chosen for placement in the scene. For example, this can be useful with vehicles, where you want to place a range of different vehicles onto a highway. These are the general rules to follow: The Resource Kit Manager provides a simplified approach to editing object library content.

It is possible to edit and add your own object library content to any of these resource kits. It is also possible to move object library content from one resource kit to another using the Resource Kit Manager. In Civil View, material assignment is automated. Make sure that any objects you add to the library comply with the Civil View material library standards. When you use 3ds Max. When you create objects for inclusion in an object library, work in a 3ds Max session without running Civil View.

You can use MAXScript to create your own parametric plug-in objects, which are added to the Civil View plugins directory. Object Category Groups. Topics in this section Vehicle Library Vehicle library objects are merged into the current scene directly from static mesh objects derived from existing 3ds Max.

Street Furniture Library Street furniture library objects can be either parametric or static objects. Sign Library Sign objects represent road signs and road-marking symbols.

Tree Library Civil View tree objects are created using a proprietary parametric tree object plug-in. Download the extension and save it to any folder. Close all running Autodesk applications. Find the folder where you saved the extension and double-click the executable. Return to Top. Follow these instructions to install this extension on multiple computers using your local network.

Download this extension and save it to any shared folder on your local network. Find the shared folder where you saved the extension, and double-click the executable. After you complete this procedure, any new deployments of Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D will have the extension applied to them automatically. For complete information on creating and updating a Network Administrative Image please see the Autodesk Installation Administrator’s Guide.

Follow the wizard to the product configuration screen and expand the Include additional software accordion. In the Additional Software section, click Add and browse to the location you saved the extension. Collapse the Include additional software accordion and click the Create button. Return to Top Uninstall This Extension.


Autodesk civil view for 3ds max 2017 free.Creating Objects in Civil View

In a library, each object definition is represented by an INI file that stores the object parameters. Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your 3D objects without changing their appearance. New Relic Privacy Policy.

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